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2020 Spring Break Tennis

USTA National Campus hosts hundreds of college programs in Orlando. 

Brian Ormiston  |  February 20, 2020

The USTA National Campus hosted Spring Break Tennis for an exciting fourth straight season in 2020. Hundreds of college programs swarm Orlando every year and they represent each level of college tennis including NCAA Divisions I, II and III as well as NAIA and JUCO.

For teams looking to play during spring break in future years, email Paul Bellingham –


3/1      6:30 p.m. at Net Post Grill

3/8     6:30 p.m. at Net Post Grill

3/12    6:30 p.m. at Net Post Grill


Subject to change.

2/18    Bates vs. Tampa (W)

2/23   Davenport vs. Nova Southeastern (W)

2/24   Davenport vs. Ave Maria (M/W)

           Davenport vs. Southeastern (M/W)

2/25   Davenport vs. Florida Southern (M/W)

2/27   Davenport vs. Webber International (M/W)

2/28   Oakland vs. Florida A&M (W)

           Davenport vs. Palm Beach Atlantic (M)

2/29   Davenport vs. Eastern Florida State (M)

           Alvernia vs. Muhlenberg (W) 

3/1     Oglethorpe vs. North Central (M/W)

          Ohio Northern vs. Seton Hill (W)

          Charleston vs. Seton Hall (W)

          Charleston vs. Mary Washington (M)

          Ohio Northern vs. Muskingum (W) 

3/2    Adrian vs. Alvernia (W)

         Oglethorpe vs. John Carroll (M/W)

         Grand Valley State vs. Lander (W)

         Cedarville vs. Concordia NY (M/W)

         Adrian vs. Grove City (M)

         Wartburg vs. Muskingum (W)

         Sacred Heart vs Charleston (M/W)

         Seton Hill vs. John Carroll (W)

         Mary Washington vs. John Carroll (M)

         Grand Valley State vs. Hampton (M)

         Midway vs. St. Johns (M)

         Kings vs. St. Johns (M)

         Oglethorpe vs. Wartburg (M/W) 

3/3   Grove City vs. Houghton (M)

         Emerson vs. Midway (M/W)

         Regis vs. St. Johns (M)

         Charleston vs. Grand Valley State (M)

         Ohio Northern vs. Regis (W)

         Trine vs. Wartburg (M/W)

         Seton Hill vs. Christian Brothers (W)

         Charleston vs. Grand Valley State (W)

         Concordia MN vs. Midway (M/W)

         John Carroll vs. Muskingum (W)

         Grove City vs. Wartburg (M)

         Wartburg vs. Alvernia (W) 

         Kings vs. Regis (M/W)

         Hampton vs. St. Johns (M) 

3/4   Hampton vs. Valpairso (W)

         Saint Vincent vs. Muskingum (W)

         Alvernia vs. Ohio Northern (W)

         Charleston vs. Christian Brothers (W)

         Adrian vs. Kings (M/W)

         Ohio Northern vs. Saint Vincent (W) 

         Cedarville vs. Ohio Northern (M)

         Cedarville vs. Seton Hill (W)

         Hawaii Pacific vs. Saint Leo (W)

         Hawaii Pacific vs. Palm Beach Atlantic (W)

         Cardinal Stritch vs. Keiser (M/W)

         Sacred Heart vs. Wayne State (M)

         Valparaiso vs. Grand Valley State (W)

         Trine vs. Emerson (M/W)

3/5   Midway vs. Muhlenberg (M/W)

         Oglethorpe vs. Houghton (M/W) 

         Kings vs. Saint Vincent (M)

         Kings vs. Muskingum (W)

         Trine vs. Concordia MN (M/W)

         Hawaii Pacific vs. Palm Beach Atlantic (M)

         Hawaii Pacific vs. Lynn (W)

         Concordia NY vs. Findlay (M/W)

         Grove City vs. Muhlenberg (M)

         Adrian vs. Concordia MN (M/W)

         Judson vs. Cardinal Stritch (M/W)

        Midway vs. Regis (M/W)

3/6   Ohio Northern vs. St. Johns (M)

         Wartburg vs. University of Mary (W)

         Wartburg vs. Ohio Northern (M)

         Grand Valley State vs. Concordia NY (M/W)

        Midway vs. Houghton (M)

        Carnegie Mellon vs. Cardinal Stritch (M/W)

        Hawaii Pacific vs. Barry (M/W)

3/7   University of Mary vs. Carnegie Mellon (W)

         Mary Washington vs. Kenyon (M)

         Carnegie Mellon vs. Sioux Falls (W) 

         Keiser vs. Point (M) 

3/8   Northwood vs. Aquinas (M)

         Shippensburg vs. Bentley (W)

         Dickinson vs. Piedmont (W)

         Piedmont vs. Monmouth (W)

         St. Scholastica vs. St. Ambrose (M/W)

         Carnegie Mellon vs. Ithaca (M)

         Roger Williams vs. Roosevelt (M/W)

         Navy vs. Indiana U PA (W)

         Monmouth vs. Transylvania (M)

         St. Marys of Notre Dame vs. St. Scholastica (W)

         Piedmont vs. St. Francis IN (M/W) 

        McMurry vs. Carnegie Mellon (W)

        Barry vs. Valdosta (M/W)

        Northwood vs. Texas A&M Kingsville (W)

        Hampden Sydney vs. St. Scholastica (M)

3/9  Northwood vs. Rockhurst (M)

        Mary vs. Rockhurst (M)

        Northwestern - St. Paul vs. DeSales (M/W)

        Washington College vs. Baldwin Wallace (W)

        Bentley vs. Lehigh (M)

        Carnegie Mellon vs. Kenyon (M)

        Quinnipiac vs. Northern Kentucky (M/W)

        Coast Guard vs. Ithaca (W)

        Case Western vs. Ithaca (M)

        Coastal Carolina vs. Keiser (W)

        Dickinson vs. Millsaps (M/W)

        SUNY Oneonta vs. Piedmont (M) 

        Lehigh vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (W)

        Marywood vs. Baldwin Wallace (W)

        Monmouth vs. Colby Sawyer (M)

        St. Marys of Notre Dame vs. Illinois Wesleyan (W)

        Dickinson vs. Lee (M)

        Wheaton vs. SUNY Oneonta (M) 

        McMurry vs. Aquinas (M/W)

        Millsaps vs. Providence College (W)

        Northwestern - St. Paul vs. Franciscan Steubenville (M/W)

        Morningside vs. Piedmont (M/W)

3/10 Mary vs. Lee (W)

        Washington College vs. Transylvania (M/W)

        Belmont vs. Quinnipiac (M/W)

        Carnegie Mellon vs. Case Western (M)

        Creighton vs. Georgetown (M/W)

        Fairfield vs. Northern Kentucky (M/W)

        Case Western vs. Lehigh (M)

        Navy vs. Appalachian State (W)

        Quincy vs. Lee (M)

        Wentworth vs. Morningside (M/W)

        SUNY Oneonta vs. Washington College (M/W)

        Ursinus vs. DeSales (M/W)

        Rhodes vs. Occidental (M)

        St. Ambrose vs. St. Francis IN (M/W)

        Transylvania vs. Occidental (W)

        Merrimack vs. Dickinson (W)

        Piedmont vs. Shippensburg (W)

        Piedmont vs. Carthage (M)

        Wabash vs. Illinois Wesleyan (M)

        Hampden Sydney vs. Dickinson (M)

        Winona State vs. Lee (W) 

3/11  Colby Sawyer vs. Marywood (W)

        Quincy vs. Post (M)

        Lees McRae vs. Southern New Hampshire (M/W)

         Xavier vs. Penn (W)

         SUNY Oneonta vs. Occidental (W)

        Wentworth vs. Marywood (W)

        Wentworth vs. Franciscan Steubenville (M)

        Quincy vs. Winona State (W)

        Wabash vs. Brevard (M)

        Rockhurst vs. Ferris State (M/W)

        Millsaps vs. Kenyon (W)

        Dickinson vs. Ithaca (M/W)

        Case Western vs. Rhodes (M)

        Rockhurst vs. Augustana (M)

        Belmont vs. Northern Kentucky (W)

        Creighton vs. Northern Kentucky (M)

        Providence vs. Creighton (W)

        Navy vs. Lees McRae (W)

        Belmont vs. James Madison (M)

        Case Western vs. Wheaton (M)

        Millsaps vs. Case Western (M)

        Franciscan Steubenville vs. Baldwin Wallace (W)

        Roger Williams vs. Colby Sawyer (M/W) 

3/12 Wooster vs. Millsaps (M)

        Quincy vs. Creighton (W)

        Piedmont vs. Ursinus (M/W)

        Georgetown vs. Providence (W)

        Appalachian State vs. James Madison (M)

        Boston University vs. Creighton (M)

        Quinnipiac vs. UNC Wilmington (W)

        Morningside vs. St. Francis (M/W)

        Quinnipiac vs. Fairleigh Dickinson (M/W)

        Stonehill vs. Wooster (M)

        Colby Sawyer vs. Rhodes (M)

        Fairfield vs. James Madison (M)

        Merrimack vs. Rockhurst (W)

        Wabash vs. Hampden Sydney (M)

        Xavier vs. Appalachian State (M)

        Curry vs. Illinois Wesleyan (M/W) 

3/13 Washington College vs. Carthage (M/W)

        Ursinus vs. Baldwin Wallace (W)

        Kenyon vs. Immaculata (W) 

        Kenyon vs. Lee (M)

        Indiana Pennsylvania vs. Lee (W)

        Dickinson vs. Post (M)

        Rhodes vs. Washington College (M) 

        Augustana vs. Kenyon (M) 

3/14 Kenyon vs. Wooster (M)