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Welcome Dave Bailey to the USTA National Campus

Dave Bailey is the world’s leading expert in Tennis Movement & Footwork.


He has spent 30 years studying the footwork and movement patterns of the top tennis professionals, viewing over 18,000 video clips of professional players in action – carefully observing and documenting their precise movements.


Dave has been the footwork and movement  trainer to over 21 professional Grand Slam players, including:

Monica Seles, Jelena Dokic, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, Johanna Konta, Shaui Zhang, Vince Spadea, Jarmila Wolfe, Misaki Doi, Catalina Castano, Anne Keothavong and Andrew Ilie.

Offerings at the National Campus

Group Footwork and Movement Classes

A Bailey Tennis Footwork group class is all about mastering the Contact Moves (the move you make when you contact the ball) that suit your level of play. The training incorporates the use of templates (ex: squares, arrows, discs, cones, etc.) and/or various resistance/reactive equipment (ex: resistance bands, agility balls, etc.). Classes are regularly set to music. 

All sessions incorporate learning and development of: 

-The 5R's of great tennis footwork and movement

-The Attacking, Rally and Defensive groundstroke contact moves

-Approach and Volley net play

  -Serve and Return footwork


-Warm up with shadow footwork to "Feel the Move" of the week

-Self-feed routines to understand the contact points and swing lines

-Fed and live ball drills

-Tennis specific fitness and strength work

Private Lessons

Bailey Tennis Footwork private training is all about Dave finding your strengths and developing your movement patterns to ultimately choreograph your unique "Way of Play". The program is very personalized, highly structured and incorporates continual assessment.

Players are introduced to the 5R’s of great tennis footwork and movement, and begin to learn and master the 6 athletic skills of tennis - Hopping, Pivoting, Shifting, Lunging, Transferring and Spinning the hips - combined with the relevant Hitting Stances, Out Steps, Recovery Steps and correct Swing Lines. 

Players initially learn the techniques with templates (eg: squares, arrows, discs, cones etc) and Shadow Tennis, then progress to hitting tennis balls on court to various targets.

To Book a Private Lesson: 

Contact the National Campus Programs Office at 407-675-2504 or email

Tennis Blast Classes

Tennis Blast is a unique, fun and dynamic way to get tennis fit. Every 1 hour class is set to great music and incorporates simple, easy to learn movements, that not only build tennis specific fitness, but also incorporate the language and names for every movement used when playing tennis – so players overall footwork and movement techniques also improve. 

The program includes warm ups, flexibility, ball skills, aerobics, footwork patterns, ladders, forehand and backhand moves, serve and net-play moves, tennis specific strength exercises with leg power, abdominal and full body band exercises that can replace some of the most commonly used weights exercises in the gym.

A typical Tennis Blast Class includes: 15 minutes of continuous movement, 20 minutes of shadow moves, 20 minutes of tennis specific strengthening and a five minute cooldown. 

Advantages of Tennis Blast 

  • It combines aerobics, strength, speed, agility and endurance with tennis shots and skills.

  • With a variety of warm-ups, aerobics, abs, strength, flexibility and modern ways of hitting tennis strokes, it will get you fit with good biomechanical technique for playing tennis.

  • Using music, it's a fun total body workout emphasizing rhythm.

  • The program contains endless variations of fitness and skills, so the workouts never get boring.


4-Day Intensive Footwork and Movement Clinics

The Bailey Method 4 day Intensive Footwork & Movement Clinics are highly customized, personalized programs, for just 1 - 4 players, working on court with Dave Bailey.  The program commences with a personal analysis of each player's movement on court and then the training is tailored to the player's individual strengths and developmental needs. The program concludes with a video analysis and a comprehensive written report to take home for use in ongoing training.

Ultimately, the Bailey Method offers a series of four Intensive Clinics that are ideally conducted over a 12-18mth period and become increasingly personalized in developing and polishing players strengths, building their tournament Playbooks and honing their ability to fluidly strategize under tournament conditions.

Level 1: Fundamentals

Level 2: Strategy & Tactics

Level 3: Patterns of Play

Level 4: Creating a Personalized Playbook

In the Level 1 Clinic, players learn the fundamentals of great footwork and movement and the Golden 12 Contact Moves of tennis. Players immediately start discovering and developing their own movement and footwork strengths on the court. 

Lead Up – In the lead up to your private clinic, we will send you the Bailey Method Fundamental Footwork Pack (inc. 3 videos and 2 manuals). This video & manual set contains the teaching progressions for the Golden 12 Contact Moves that will be learned over the 4 days. The more familiar you become with the steps, stances, moves and cue words prior to the clinic the more benefit you will gain from the clinic.

Sample Schedule: 

Day 1

  • Initial assessment 

  • The 5R's and Completing the Circle

  • Attacking Footwork (4 Contact Moves)


Day 2

  • Rallying Moves (build & counter attack – 4 Contact Moves)


Day 3

  • Defensive Moves (4 Contact Moves)


Day 4

  • Bringing it all together and ranking the Contact Moves to find your greatest match-play weapons. 

  • Individual video assessment and comprehensive written assessment report 


Each day is a 5 hour commitment (inc. 1hr meal/rest break). When booking your Clinic, timing can be adjusted to suit any other commitments or activities you have planned whilst in Orlando.





Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Lesson Type

 Price Per Player

1 Player $150.00
2 Players $80.00
3 Players $57.00
4 Players $45.00



Half-Day Private Lesson (3 hour)

Lesson Type

 Price Per Player

1 Player $405
2 Players $216
3 Players $153
4 Players $121.50



Intensive 4-Day Clinics 

Lesson Type

 Price Per Player

1 Player $2,200
2 Players $1,200
3 Players $870.00
4 Players $700.00

Questions? Contact the National Campus Programming Office at: 


407-675-2504 or