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Spring 1A: January 3rd - February 4th (5 weeks)

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Registration - Now Open! (Register Here)

Adult Clinics

This class is an introduction to the rules, how to serve, return and score and to get familiar with court position. This is for players who have never played pickleball. This class is a drop-in and can be taken multiple times. Players should be able to dink, serve, return and understand the scoring before moving to the next level. After completing this level players will be able to join open play.


This class is next step after moving up from Pickleball 101. The focus is on building consistence with shots in the No Volley Zone, transition area, 3rd shot drop, and serve/return. This class will also introduce lobs and overheads. Players moving on will be able to sustain dinking rallys, become more consistent with 3rd shot drops, and develop more control placing the serve.


This class is the next step after completion of Pickleball 102. Drills from different areas of the court will be worked on throughout the hour, as well as continuting to build on consistency in all shots.


This clinic will primairliy focus on player development around game-based situations with a focus on specialty shots, formations and strategies that are level appropriate. Each week is a focus on one area of the court: NVZ, Transition, 3rd and 4th shot drop, Serve and Return, Doubles play, and Lobs and Overheads.


A fast paced and energetic hour of pro-led point play. The serve and return time in between points have been removed to am up the energy and fun! Come and join us for live-ball play and continual focus of moving between offense and defense. Sign up for the session or drop in for individual classes. 



Pickleball Play

Players must have completed either Pickleball 101 or have previous pickleball play experience. Our staff professional will assist in grouping player of similar skill levels and create a format that will allow players to play many games with different players. Come out to USTA National Campus for a great play experience!

Players will play Doubles with a different partner each round. Scores will be added up the player with the top score at the end of the evening will win a prize. Vouchers for food and drinks will be provided. Alcohol will be available for additional purchase.

Friday, January 7th 6:30pm-8:30pm
Friday, February 4th 6:30pm-8:30pm
Friday, March 4th 6:30pm-8:30pm